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Starting up and running a tech transfer program seems to require unlimited resources and involves a million moving pieces. 

Sometimes it just takes an external viewpoint to see the opportunities and lay out the next steps. We're here to help you navigate this landscape. 

Do you struggle to find qualified individuals to fill vacant positions? Need part-time help, but don't want to go through the hassle of a new hire process?

Hundley Consulting has the knowledge and ability to provide experienced, flexible, and professional  staffing solutions. We can step in for a week, a month or longer - whatever time frame meets your needs!

Conflicts of Interest

Do you have a current, written institutional policy, a mechanism to collect disclosures and templates to create formal management plans? These three components are compliance requirements in order to mitigate conflicts of interest and time commitment. 

We can guide you in setting up or reviewing your program, from disclosure to formal management plans.

Grant & Contract Management
Export Compliance

United States export laws are complex and include

  • items physically shipped outside of U.S. borders,

  • items that are "released" to non-U.S. Persons who are inside the U.S. (a "deemed export"), and

  • restrictions on doing business with designated parties who are debarred and/or restricted.

Let us use our expertise to help you see potentially high-risk areas.

Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer
Funding Opportunities

Industries that rely on supplemental government funding must be creative and strategic in securing funding. Establishing a list of research interests or equipment needs that can be combined with strategic funding searches is one way to increase the amount of funding received.

How can we help you identify your capabilities and resources and conduct strategic funding searches?

Staffing Solutions

Managing a grant or contract is time consuming!

With over 10 years of experience in drafting, reading, interpreting and negotiating contracts, we can assist with cradle to grave management of your contracts and grants so that you can focus on putting out fires!

* Disclaimer -we are not attorneys and do not provide legal services

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