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Having a visually appealing and complete proposal when approaching partners is essential. Areas that cannot be overlooked include asset identification, prospect assessment, and deck building.  Let us make sure your sales team is ready to proceed with confidence!



Do you struggle to find qualified individuals to fill vacant positions? Need part-time help, but don't want to go through the hassle of a new hire process?

Hundley Consulting has the knowledge and ability to provide experienced, flexible, and professional  staffing solutions. We can step in for a week, a month or longer - whatever time frame meets your needs!

Consulting & Strategy

Reaching partners within your target demographic requires premeditated planning and thorough execution. Hundley Consulting provides assistance with brand objectives, best practices, audience targeting, research, portfolio evaluation, activation strategy, and goal setting.


A happy partner is a long-term partner. We provide a variety of services around the management of partner accounts such as:

  • Relationship Care

  • Implementation

  • Amplification

  • Budget Management

  • Portfolio Management

  • Asset Optimization


When it comes to sport partnerships, accurate numbers are vital. Let us provide an extra set of hands to track your KPI's, ROI, Sponsorship Audits, and Compliance.

Staffing Solutions

Are you losing out on partners because of other more competitive pricing? Are you losing out on money because your inventory is undervalued in your proposals? 

We will evaluate your situation and provide a competitive analysis, asset valuation, and proposal evaluation.

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